Wednesday Weisblog: A “Positively Charged” You

These days, it’s not always easy to have a positive outlook on things. Everywhere you turn, you’re being told by news media members, financial forecasters and other “experts” that the country is facing one of the most challenging periods in its history.

While I am certainly not suggesting times aren’t difficult, all the constant pessimism can have an extremely negative impact upon the way you view things – but only if you allow it to.

Here’s the point: Staying positive is a must. The image you project to those around you will make all the difference in the world! After all, no one wants a person who’s emotionally defeated as part of their work team or group of friends – and no doctor anywhere will ever tell you that worrying is good for you!

What can you do to get things rolling again? Look for answers instead of dwelling on the problems. Surround yourself with people who are upbeat and supportive and won’t drag you further down into the throes of depression. You might even consider stopping the “self torture” of watching the news and reading the newspaper for awhile.

Finally, think of every tomorrow as a new opportunity to turn things around in the right direction. While you might not be able to change everything, there are some things you do have control over. That’s the best place to start in your quest to be a happier, more positive person.


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