Friday Weisblog: Through adversity comes character

You have to give Rod Marinelli a boatload of credit. While his 0-12 Detroit Lions squad is on pace to become the first winless team since the NFL went to a 16-game schedule in 1978 – and Marinelli is almost sure to be fired after the season – he has demonstrated a never-say-die attitude that even the NFL pundits admire.

Meanwhile, ESPN has been touting this week as “Jimmy V” week in honor of former North Carolina State basketball coach (and later, broadcasting colleague) Jim Valvano. During the latter stages of his battle with cancer, Valvano delivered the inspiring quote, “Don’t give up; don’t ever give up” at the 1993 ESPY awards ceremony.

These two gentlemen are inspiring examples of how to deal with life’s bleakest moments. Despite the losses, Coach Marinelli has retained the respect of his players and the media, and Coach Valvano enjoyed his life all the way up to his final hour.

If something in your life isn’t exactly as it should be, keep looking for the solution until you find it. Work on strengthening yourself mentally and physically so you’ll have a “sound mind and sound body,” as was the mantra of the Ancient Greeks. Use your spirituality, your friends and your family as sources of hope.

Have a fantastic weekend, and I’ll be back again Monday with more. Who knows … maybe by then Coach Marinelli and the Lions will have their first win? Regardless of what happens, I’ll be rooting for him.


2 responses to “Friday Weisblog: Through adversity comes character

  1. Rod Marinelli will be the favorite to replace Monte Kiffin as the Bucs def. coordinator next season…Kiffin will be joining his son at the University of Tennessee…According to Warren Sapp (he of Dancing With The Stars fame), Marinelli was his guy & Kiffin was always promoting himself & not praising his players…Stay Tuned..

  2. Andrew Schaller

    The man certainly shows integrity, which is nice to see in the NFL. It is refreshing when compared to the ‘get it done at any cost’ coaches…

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