Thursday Weisblog: “Prufe reed” everything you put your name on!

Even the smallest typo or oversight can do major damage to something you’re sending out for customer consumption.

Exhibit A: Found in a church bulletin: A potluck lunch will be held this Sunday. Prayer and medication will follow.

Exhibit B: Found in an upscale apartment’s brochure touting its many amenities: Have a barbecue down at our pubic grill area.

Exhibit C: An automobile dealership contracted with an Atlanta-based ad agency to send their customers scratch-off cards touting a $1,000 grand prize (with 1 in 50,000 odds of winning). The cards were accidentally printed so that ALL 50,000 OF THEM were $1,000 winners.

Even if you don’t have a professional copywriter or proofreader available, at least let others look at a publication before it is seen by the masses. Not only are typos bad because they’re typos (no explanation needed there), but they also distract the reader from getting your message across.

When that happens, it’s a shame. You spent good money preparing your message, but in the end you sabotaged its effectiveness and hurt your credibility in the process.

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One response to “Thursday Weisblog: “Prufe reed” everything you put your name on!

  1. John,

    Your blog topics have held my interest without exception until today. Today’s article sounded more like an advertisement for your writing services than a column that invites feedback. So hey, it got feedback in the end anyway, didn’t it?

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