Monday Weisblog: The game’s NOT the same!

Have you noticed how many completely asinine game shows have shown up on television over the last few years? The list is seemingly endless. There are shows like Blind Date, where two people give up their dignity for the chance to be on television (while actually winning very little); and Moment of Truth, where the contestant is forced to reveal their darkest secrets, virtually assuring themselves of ruining their relationships and life for the possibility of winning big money.

If you ask me, they just don’t make ’em like they used to. Back in the “old days,” they were fun, entertaining and pretty much harmless. For my money, I’ll take The Price is Right, Match Game or the original Hollywood Squares over the mind-numbing drivel they call game shows today. The most pathetic part is, I think Hollywood producers understand how lame most of these new games are, because they keep bringing back the old ones. How many different variations of Family Feud, Password or The Newlywed Game have there been? It’s the same theme, just a modernized stage and a washed-up actor for a host.

Let’s face it: game show hosting has turned into the vocation where actors’ careers go to die. I keep thinking I’ll see Erik Estrada hosting a new version of $25,000 Pyramid or Ed McMahon emceeing a remake of Let’s Make a Deal any day now.

Most of us who read this have been around long enough to remember some of the best game shows over the years. (Here’s a clue: If you know what the term, “No Whammies!” means, then you’re either old like me or you watch the Game Show Network.)

So I want your feedback. What is/was your favorite show? Who are your all-time favorite game show hosts? And don’t pretend you don’t watch game shows because I’m not buying it! Let’s hear from you!


2 responses to “Monday Weisblog: The game’s NOT the same!

  1. My favorite game was the Newlywed Game w/ Bob Eubanks…We would watch it (the 80’s comeback version) in college & have a drink everytime someone said “Whooppee”…Oh to be young again…

  2. I was a big Match Game fan myself. That got a bit racy at times, too, and you could tell most of the celebs were hammered during the taping of those shows.

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