Tuesday Weisblog: I confess … I’m a geek

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you today. I have void in my life that cannot be filled.

With the sound of the final gun in the Green Bay-Chicago game last night, another chapter in my fantasy football career is in the books – this time with a second-place finish among 14 teams in the highly competitive “Pete Chilano Fantasy Football Experience.”

Hi. My name’s John Weis, and I’m a Fantasy Football Geek.

For the past 11 years, I’ve grappled with other seemingly normal business professionals to be the “King Geek,” the league champion all the other geeks aspire to be like … the one who gets to take home the trophy that embarrasses the wife/girlfriend of the victorious conquistador.  You don’t believe me? Just ask Christina, my wife! While she did let me display the trophy in a prominent place, she refused my plea for the installation of additional direct lighting on it.

Unless you’re a geek like me, the void is hard to explain. But once the season is over – win or lose – there is this feeling of emptiness and loss. What am I going to do now on Sunday afternoons and Monday nights?

Somewhere at Florida Hospital (her place of employment), Christina Weis is smiling. She is no longer a fantasy football widow. She has her husband back again … at least until next September.


One response to “Tuesday Weisblog: I confess … I’m a geek

  1. As they say in A.A. My name is Rafael Calvo & I am a Fantasy Football Geek…Wow that was hard to say but Sundays just won’t be the same without checking the stats of all of my players…I even have my teams loaded on my iPhone for easy up to the minute access…Good luck to us all until Labor Day…

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