Wednesday Weisblog: A last chance to say thank you

Most of you have figured out that you didn’t get a holiday card from our family this year. Quite frankly, we just didn’t feel all that “festive” this year.

Consider this your “Hallmark greeting blog, ” minus the cheesy generic inside message. If you are a part of my life, you know that you are important to me – and I hope I’ve made that clear enough that the lack of a card won’t make any difference. (If you are not a direct part of my life and have found this blog through some other source, I sincerely thank you for reading it and hope you continue doing so.)

It’s my hope that in 2009 I’ll bring back the tradition of the holiday card, and continue on with the new tradition of the daily Weisblog. But for now, this will have to suffice.

The end of the year brings about some time for reflection, and I must say I’m a pretty lucky guy in a lot of ways. I am grateful to have a family who loves and cares about me; a large number of longtime friends who have shown me the true meaning of loyalty and are an amazing support system; a 14-pound cat who displays an incredible appetite and affection when he feels like it; and a lot more. I’ve also met several new people through networking that I believe will turn into even more lasting friendships.

Heck, when you think about it, maybe I should’ve been more festive all along.

I’ll be back again on Monday … one last short holiday vacation and then it’s back to the five-a-weeks. If you’re venturing out tonight to celebrate, be smart and be safe and, above all, have fun. See you in 2009!


2 responses to “Wednesday Weisblog: A last chance to say thank you

  1. Christina, your wife

    I have been more festive this year than in past years and I take offense to the “we” part in that statement. I am looking forward to sending cards next year, which is why I purchased some on sale the day after Christmas.

    Love you, honey. See you later for our New Year celebration.

  2. Funny you should take offense to the “we” reference, because I started with “I” but didn’t want to make anyone feel left out.

    Love you, too.

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