Tuesday Weisblog: Stepping on the line of decency … then stomping all over it

I may not be the world’s biggest John Travolta fan (even though he spends much of his time here in Central Florida), but my heart goes out to him, his wife (actress Kelly Preston) and the rest of their family.

If it isn’t bad enough that they lost their teenage son, Jett, last week during a trip to the Bahamas, their pain and anger certainly must be intensified because of a herd of overly intrusive, shark-like reporters looking to get a good story at the expense of the Travolta/Preston family. I realize it’s their job to report the story, but there is an element of sleazy reporters and photographers who walk well beyond the lines of good taste.

C’mon people … have a little decency and let the family grieve, for cryin’ out loud! There should NEVER have to be a “secret cremation” or a “decoy hearse and empty coffin” to misdirect the media in an attempt for the privacy and respect they deserve and so desperately need – during a time when a couple is burying their teenage child.

The media may not have a whole lot of dignity left, but they need to let the Travolta/Preston family keep theirs during this most difficult time.

Note: For the record, I am not saying all reporters are “sharks.” After all, I used to be one. That said, there are enough slimeball reporters out there to give the good ones a bad rap – part of the reason I gave up that game a long time ago.


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