Monday Weisblog: All is NOT normal in Normal, IL


Paul and Caragh Brooks recently exchanged their wedding vows in Normal, IL. Seems “normal” enough, doesn’t it? However, it’s their choice of wedding venue that’s anything but average.

While the couple was exchanging their vows, customers were ordering burrito supremes, gorditas and other fast-food Mexican fare.

That’s right … the couple was married in a Taco Bell – during regular business hours. According to Fox News, “Employees displayed hot sauce packets labeled with the words, Will You Marry Me?” The bride wore a $15 hot pink dress. The groom donned a lavender shirt and a purple and magenta tie. The entire wedding apparently cost about $200.

Why, you might ask, would anyone in their right mind get married in a Taco Bell? Paul Brooks says that because they liked to spend time there, they decided to wed at the establishment. He also described their relationship as “offbeat.”

Um, yeah. Amen to that!

But before you blast Mr. and Mrs. Brooks for their strange choice, consider this: it’s their wedding. They should do what makes them happy – and who cares what anyone else thinks! In addition, they don’t have thousands in wedding loans to repay. So while it certainly wouldn’t be my first choice to get married in a fast-food joint (if it was I’d have gotten hitched at a Rocky Rococo’s Pizza), I kind of admire them for their sense of adventure.

There’s just one thing I’ve been wondering about … if they had their wedding at Taco Bell, where do you suppose they spent their honeymoon night? Maybe that’s one of those things I’m better off not knowing.


3 responses to “Monday Weisblog: All is NOT normal in Normal, IL

  1. Michael Binder

    I seen something on that. You are right, more power to them. My wife and I were married in my sister’s backyard with just immediate family in attendance. It was awesome. Being cheap was the main thing, because we were just getting a loan for a house at the same time. That is a long story I will have to tell you sometime too. Getting married in a Taco Bell made THEM happy and that should be all that matters, who are we to say any different right? I love the Rocky Roccoco name drop too. I would love a piece of pizza from Rocky’s right now.

  2. We had a pretty nice wedding, but only because my wife knew the owner of the bed-and-breakfast where we got married. I always tell people we got a five-star wedding for about a two-star price – just because someone was nice enough to “hook us up.”

    As for Rocky’s pizza, I have gone as far as asking if they could freeze it and ship it to Florida, but they say they haven’t perfected that yet. The closest one to me is in Louisville, KY, the only one in the entire South that I am aware of.

  3. Well, it was their wedding, true enough. So they have a right to have it wherever they want. I still can’t help but wonder about the wisdom of such a choice.

    I am a Pastor. I have no problems with weddings in back yards and on beaches (I’ve officiated at both of those). It seems clear though, in cases like the Taco Bell one, that some people don’t really think of marriage as making a serious promise in the presence of God. One wonders if ‘promises’ made under such circumstances (at Taco Bell) are serious. Will they last longer than the current special? Good question.

    I’m not saying that a wedding has to be done in a church, because God is bigger than any building. It’s not the place. It’s the attitude we take going into marriage. I question whether these people have the right one…

    When your wedding seems like a joke…are your vows too?

    On a lighter side…

    I’ll have a Nacho Cheese Chalupa.

    BTW, I did once take 4 Rocky’s slices on the plane all the way back to Corpus Christi….awesome.

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