Friday Weisblog: Picture imperfect & a quick obit

pictureframe_211I don’t know of anyone who despises looking at their childhood photos more than I do. It’s not that I was an ugly baby or a dysfunctional kid (though those of you who knew me during that period may not agree), but for some reason I just cringe if I see a photo of myself prior to the age of about 15 or 16.

Make no mistake, the late teen years are the best ones for photos. You still look young. No dark circles under your eyes or wrinkles. You are, in all likelihood, in the best shape of your life. Most important, you still have a full head of hair (though making the decision to go au naturel up top was one of the best things I’ve ever done … because, after all, bald is beautiful).

I’m guessing my youth photo aversion has to do with being the youngest of five kids. In everyone else’s mind I’m still the “baby” despite the fact that I am 42 and have teenagers of my own.

On the positive side, I feel fortunate that my parents never took any of those … well, you know … “incriminating” baby photos that so many parents feel compelled to do for whatever reason. Parents say it’s adorable; I say it’s creepy!

So if you happen to have a photo of me in my pre-teen years, please do me a favor and set fire to it. Thank you.

Quickly on to a separate topic: Hollywood is mourning the loss of Ricardo Montalban. He was best known for his appearances in Fantasy Island and Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. However, I was most impressed by his work as an automotive pitchman in the old Chrysler Cordoba commercials. His accent was awesome … the way he used to “roll” the letter r. The Chrrrrrrrrrrrysler Corrrrrrrrrrrrdoba, with rrrrrrrrrich Corrrrrrrrrrinthian leatherrrrrrr.

So long, Rick. Rest in peace. You will be missed terrrrrrrrrrrribly.


4 responses to “Friday Weisblog: Picture imperfect & a quick obit

  1. UPDATE: Here is a link to one of Ricardo Montalban’s Cordoba commercials:

  2. goodbye Mr. Rourke…Smiles, everyone Smiles

  3. Kristin Rogers

    What rock am I living under that I missed out on Ricardo Montelban’s death? RIP Mr. Rourke. Was he in The Naked Gun or am I thinking of someone else?

  4. Yep, he was in the Naked Gun movie; I think the first one. He was the villain. My favorite part was the scene where he has the rare fish and Leslie Neilsen comes into Ricardo’s office. Leslie sticks his hand in the aquarium and the fish bites him, latches onto his hand and won’t let go. Leslie Nielsen stabs the fish with a pen and then puts it back into the water. Classic stuff.

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