Thursday Weisblog: Branch out with your family tree

If your family tree doesn’t fork … you might be a redneck. ~ Jeff Foxworthy

I think that, as we get older, it becomes more important for us to know where we came from. Most everyone (unless adopted) knows who their birth parents are – probably their grandparents, too. But beyond that it can become a crapshoot.

fam-treeMy wife recently discovered some old black-and-white photos of her relatives and has begun feverishly asking her aunts and uncles to help her identify the strangers on these photos. Meanwhile, on my side of the family, my grandfather was able to trace our family’s heritage back a couple hundred years – including one particular gent with an outstanding name, Ambrosius Weis. As it turns out, both sides of our families are German/Irish … meaning our forefathers would eat anything in an animal casing and drink anything that comes in a bottle – and it also explains why I don’t have a prayer of getting a suntan.

Once you are able to see your family tree and view pictures of long, lost relatives who were on this earth before your time, it’s like meeting a new friend and peeling back a layer of mystery surrounding who and what you are … you know, filling in some of the missing blanks. And it’s funny … the more stuff you find out about your forerunners, the more you want to know … but you’ll never know everything.

Somewhere up in heaven, Ambrosius Weis and friends are probably smiling, secure in the knowledge that their secrets will forever remain undiscovered here on this planet.


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