Friday Weisblog: Laying down the gavel … a little too softly

It’s no wonder our country’s police officers are frustrated. Just as quick as they round up the perps and get them off the streets, they’re back out committing more crimes – and this happens over and over.

There are many problems with our judicial system. For starters, a good attorney can often find a technicality to keep their client from incarceration. I listened to a phone-in radio show this morning in which a high-priced defense attorney was telling someone facing pending drug charges ways to make sure the charges don’t stick. (I know everyone deserves a fair trial, but no one should get off on a technicality if they are truly guilty.)

gavelSecond, the punishment is frequently not severe enough. Consider the case (or should I say cases) of Henry Earl of Lexington, Kentucky. As of September of last year, Mr. Earl has been arrested more than 1,000 times in the last 13 years – almost all for public intoxication. That adds up to just about one arrest for every five or six days he’s been alive since that date – and far less than that if you don’t count the days he’s actually spent behind bars. Mr. Earl makes Otis Campbell from The Andy Griffith Show look like a choirboy.

I long for the good old days when the punishment fit the crime. If you were sentenced to five years, you did five years. Now you might get 6-7 months, and for someone like Mr. Earl the jail’s like a Motel 6. They probably really do leave the light on for him in Lexington.

The system needs repair … soon.

Thank you to all the police officers who keep us safe and put up with crap like this – and still continue to do their jobs with a positive attitude.


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