Tuesday Weisblog: Wacky goings-on in Vegas this week

How many of you, when you go to your Super Bowl party, will have the “big board” up and running (the one where you buy boxes hoping the corresponding numbers line up in your favor)? How many of you have side wagers?

Why do you do it? I remember one year when I had my own Super Bowl party and played “Super Bowl Bingo” for a store gift card (my thought was that it would keep the non-fans more involved in the game – and it worked!) Things like this work for the same reason Fantasy Football has become so popular – it adds more entertainment value to the game itself.

money1Now take a look at the stuff they have available in Vegas … they ones they call “proposition bets.” These bets are things like, “Who will win the coin toss,” “team to score first,” “player to score first,” “distance of the game’s first punt,” “number of interceptions,” “which team enters the red zone first,” “whether or not a player scores two touchdowns,” and the list goes on. A couple years ago, I even remember one that was something like, “The total combined score of both teams versus the amount of points Kobe Bryant would score against the Hornets” on the Sunday afternoon NBA game.
Odd as they may be, they’re serious business.

Despite being intrigued by these wacky offerings, I’ll never be tempted enough to do anything this silly. Just give me the big board (and Super Bowl Bingo when I’m feeling really crazy) and I’ll be just fine, thank you very much.


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