Wednesday Weisblog: Are you KID-ding me?

This past Monday at the Bellflower Medical Center in California, all hands were on deck in the maternity ward. When everything was said and done, history had been made. The mother, who chooses to remain anonymous, had just given birth to eight babies – in a five-minute span!

eightisenoughlogoReports say that the parents and physicians were shocked when the final child was born – because they were only expecting seven. Hey, we got seven, what’s one more? they probably thought.

The most amazing part is that all eight babies (ranging in weight from one pound, fifteen ounces to three pounds, four ounces) have survived so far and appear to be in decent health, all things considered. They are only the second set of live octuplets in history that have survived more than just a few hours. Of course, they won’t know for sure for awhile, and there is higher risk of health problems in cases such as this.

“All the babies were delivered vigorously, crying and kicking,” said Dr. Mandhir Gupta, a neonatologist at Kaiser Permanente Bellflower Medical Center.

The best quote of all was this gem by the good Doctor Gupta: “She’s a very strong woman, so she probably will be able to handle all eight babies.”

With all due respect, Dr. Gupta, I respond thusly: EASY FOR YOU TO SAY, DUDE! One baby is a chore; two babies are difficult; eight babies is a day-care!

Hollywood is buzzing over the fact that Molly Ringwald is expecting twins. I say, “big deal!”

Until she can accomplish the feat of this woman, I am simply not impressed!

All kidding aside, say a prayer for the continued health of these kids. They still have a long road ahead of them before they are officially pronounced healthy.


3 responses to “Wednesday Weisblog: Are you KID-ding me?

  1. it’s pretty amazing that all eight of those babies survived the birthing process

  2. It is, and there is an update on this since I posted the original blog. I will tell you more on Monday! Thank you for leaving a comment, and have a great weekend!

  3. Angelina Jolie is so pissed right now…

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