Thursday Weisblog: He woulda gotten away with it … if not for that meddling dog!

Keith Culbertson was a bartender in South Florida who had an affection for all things Scooby Doo. He woke each morning to a Scooby Doo alarm clock. His Toyota 4Runner even had special Scooby seat-belt attachments.mystery-machine1

Baron Earl Moore is charged with Culbertson’s 2003 slaying, and court proceedings have begun. Culbertson’s SUV was stolen, he was shot three times in the face, and his body was dumped in a field.

So how did they put the pieces together linking Moore to the killing? The Scooby Doo wallet they found in Moore’s possession. Ruh-roh!

Yes, there is “Moore” to the story than this, but let this be a lesson to any would-be criminal who might be reading this. Repeat after me: Destroy the evidence.

Before I close, a bit of Scooby trivia. What is Shaggy’s real name (No, this isn’t a trick question; Shaggy is just his nickname). The answer tomorrow. If you want to know so much that you can’t wait until tomorrow, you’re gonna have to work for it and do a Google search.


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