Monday Weisblog: Crazy eight update

Last week I told you about the woman who gave birth to eight babies in five minutes. Today, there’s more to share with you – and the story just gets more and more bizarre as we go along.

8-babies-moneyThe mother has now been identified as 33-year-old Nadya Suleman. Her mother, Angela Suleman, says that Nadya is “obsessed with children.” Oh, did I forget to tell you she has SIX other children, the oldest of which is seven years old (including two-year-old twins)?

To recap, that means Nadya now has FOURTEEN children ages seven and younger.

Angela gave us some more nuggets of wisdom: She said all the eggs came from the same sperm donor, but that her ex-husband is not the father. In order to support her daughter, Nadya’s dad now must go back to his native Iraq where he worked as a contractor.  (The article gives no further mention of the ex-husband, so one is left to wonder who and where he is.)

So why would anyone in her right mind already with six children want more, especially without a husband? Well, she once worked as a psychiatric technician until she was injured on the job – so she must have been a little too close to the inmates.

Even an exasperated Angela said of her daughter’s obsession with children: “I wish she would have just become a kindergarten teacher.”

There are 100 questions going through my mind? Who’s paying for these babies? Is this woman and/or this family expecting to make a fortune off their new additions? What kind of television/book/movie deals do they have lined up, if anything? What kind of doctor would have allowed this, and who paid for the original procedure to do the “fertilization” in the first place?

This whole thing smells, but it is what it is, and it’s already been done. At the end of the day I am most concerned with the well-being of the kids and their long-term health.

Comments? Feedback? Does anyone else know something about this situation I don’t? Please share.


2 responses to “Monday Weisblog: Crazy eight update

  1. This is wrong – whose paying for these kids! The birth of the eight babies (six boys and two girls) to a single mother of six who had undergone fertility treatment is an outrage!

    The tide had turned completely after further revelations that:

    • All her children via assisted reproduction, and that all of them appear to have been born out of wedlock;
    • All her children live with her parents, in a three-bedroom; and
    • The family filed for bankruptcy just more than 18 months ago, claiming nearly 1-million in liabilities, which increases the chance that they are living on hand-outs from the government.

    She had all 14 of her kids out of wedlock” and I question whether her family has the ability to raise them. Her family had a history of financial problems, including “a bankruptcy, tax liens and a foreclosure”.

    Why did a single mother of six undergo fertility treatment? Was it selfishness, stupidity or naivety? The most cynical believe that it is to cash in on the public’s fascination.

  2. This lady is cuckoo…She probably already had a reality series lined up w/ lifetime, we, or tlc networks…I’m sure that will be revealed soon enough…

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