Thursday Weisblog: “Urine trouble,” mister!

(In your best “movie trailer guy” voice): Scott Wagar has had enough … and this time, it’s personal!

fox-photoApparently, the teenagers in Willmar, Minnesota are a bit unruly. And last September 16, the 50-year-old Wagar could no longer stand their shenanigans.

He told authorities that he was tired of having his residence toilet papered and egged each year during homecoming week, and this year he’d made up his mind to defend his home. So he did what any rational-thinking guy would do: He borrowed some night vision goggles and waited for the ill-intentioned teens to strike. When they did, he was ready. He shouted obscenities, aimed his “Super Soaker” at the group of approximately 15-20 teens, and opened fire. He also allegedly had a brief scuffle with one of the teens, who Wagar said grabbed him from behind.

It’s the contents of the Super Soaker that is a bit odd – a mixture of two-thirds water and one-third fox urine. Why fox urine, you ask? “It stinks, but it doesn’t hurt anything,” said Wagar.

Once authorities found out what happened, they began to investigate. One question they asked was who he got thefox-urine night vision goggles from. Turns out they were borrowed from his son, who used to be a Marine.

So what is the end result of this bizarre incident? Wagar is charged with misdemeanor assault and other charges (he’s pleaded not guilty this week), while his son is charged with a felony, receiving stolen property. For his part, Wagar describes how his son got the goggles as “a gray area.”

On one hand I can understand Mr. Wagar’s anger. Cleaning up a mess like that isn’t fun. Quite frankly, if it happened to me for eight straight years I’d be pretty ticked off, too. Not sure I’d attempt retaliation in the same manner, but all kidding aside, his frustration level must have risen ever year. In a way, he’s “punking” the teens in much the same way they were going to “punk” him.

Unfortunately, the fox urine was a little over the top, and as a result, he’s facing charges.


One response to “Thursday Weisblog: “Urine trouble,” mister!

  1. Funny you should blog on that. It was on the news up here. He’s been egged for years and years and the number of kids keeps growing. He says it is getting extremely intimidating to have 20 kids come on your property with intent to cause damage. Every time the deputies say we have to catch them in the act theirs nothing we can do. Interesting he would use fox pee, but when the law won’t help you and you know 20 kids are coming to mess with you, you improvise, you adapt, you overcome. Imagine the anger and frustration of this guy now, cops won’t help him, then he gets the charges? I’m thinking it will be worse then fox pee next year, unfortunately.

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