Thursday Weisblog: Educating Amber

There are those out there, myself included, who believe teachers are vastly underpaid. My sister is a grade-school teacher who’s won multiple “Teacher of the Year” awards and spent many years perfecting her craft. Believe me, she does it much more for the love of helping kids achieve their potential than she does the money.

Amber Carter

Amber Carter

Perhaps that’s why Amber Carter decided to take a second job … because her teaching salary did not measure up to the income level she felt she needed.

What was her second job, you ask? How ’bout the oldest profession in the world?! Yep, that one. Seems that Ms. Carter was arrested at a Bellefontaine, Ohio motel parking lot on a misdemeanor prostitution charge.

She also is charged with felony unauthorized use of property because – you won’t believe this – she arranged her “appointment” by using a school computer, and actually skipped a class for this “private tutoring session!” She had originally placed a sex-for-money ad in the popular Craigslist Web site, and investigators answered it and made the arrest.

In her 13 years as a teacher, Ms. Carter hadn’t even received so much as a reprimand prior to now. Well, she’s going to get more than a slap on the wrist for this. If convicted, she is going to have detention of a much different kind!

In the 1980s, the hard-rock group Van Halen sang a song called Hot For Teacher. This, however, puts an entirely new spin on the song.

I am glad my kids aren’t in her class … that would be a difficult one to explain to a fourth grader!


One response to “Thursday Weisblog: Educating Amber

  1. See…we really DO need a raise. Payless and the movie theater would’ve been better choices for poor Amber, though.

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