Tuesday Weisblog: “Intrusive” doesn’t begin to describe this guy

Geraldo Rivera. Ewwwwww. A serious reporter? I think not!

geraldo3America was on pins and needles in 1986 when Rivera proclaimed he’d discovered Al Capone’s riches – only to find nothing inside the vault on a three-hour national television special. We all remember him getting his nose broken in 1988 when he had his own talk show. We recall him getting his behind kicked by Frank Stallone in 1992 in one of the first forays into the world of B-list celebrity boxing. In 2003, he even recklessly disclosed plans of an upcoming operation while traveling with US forces in Iraq. In doing so, he basically said to the world, Who cares about the safety of the troops … as long as I get to break the story.

I could go on and on – but I will stop with just one more example. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the interview he did recently with Ronald Cummings, the father of missing five-year-old Hayleigh Cummings. In an already emotionally charged situation, he stormed right into the middle of everything and asked series of accusatory questions to Mr. Cummings, who was obviously taken aback by the entire line of questioning.

Referring to two acquaintances named “Chad” and “Marcus,” Rivera asked, Chad and Marcus told me that during the vigil, you told them you were 75 percent sure who took Hayleigh.

When Cummings said that wasn’t true, Rivera then followed that gem up with, They told — they told me that you hit Hayleigh. Is that true?

Another denial, another uncalled-for response by Geraldo. You never backhanded her to the face?

Still another “no” answer … and, of course, yet again another idiotic question. Did you hit Crystal (Crystal Sheffield, Hayleigh’s biological mother) when she was pregnant?

When Mr. Cummings said emphatically that he did not, his follow-up question was every bit as riveting. You didn’t hit her in the back of the head and kick her?

More “probing” questions about beating up women, alleged drug use and being a police informant followed. When Rivera was asked to leave by Mr. Cummings’ family members, he couldn’t depart without picking a fight with those around him. It looked like a scene from Jerry Springer.

There is one question I’d like to ask Mr. Cummings. There’s one thing that has bothered me from the beginning about this situation; one that I’ve never heard addressed by the media (and I suppose that’s because they understand this isn’t the time to ask): What are you doing with a 17-year-old girlfriend when you are 25?

Law-enforcement officials seem to be no closer to finding Hayleigh than when they started. Let’s continue to pray for a happy and swift outcome to this story, and an arrest for the person(s) responsible for her disappearance.


3 responses to “Tuesday Weisblog: “Intrusive” doesn’t begin to describe this guy

  1. smarterthantheaveragebear

    Here’s MY theory on what happened the night that Hayleigh Cummings disappeared.

    First and foremost, let me say this: 17 year-old girls rarely just “wake up” to pee at night. Now, forty-year-olds do that often, but not 17, no way. Misty was clearly awakened by the kidnapper hauling ass out that back door.

    Now, she most likely thought she awakened to pee. Then, once awake she immediately realized that Hayleigh was gone. Of course she didn’t go and call 911 RIGHT THEN AND THERE! Who the HELL would do that? No one in the right mind. She probably just thought that Hayleigh was goofing off, or had gotten out of bed for something, so she looked for her. I think that Misty possibly even though (given the time) that perhaps Ronald had come home and gotten Hayleigh himself. Thus resulting in the 16 minute lapse of time.

    I believe that she may have looked for Hayleigh, then when Ron got home, they possible searched for a few minutes more, TOGETHER. Then, once they discovered the back door ajar, or that Hayleigh certainly wasn’t anywhere to be found, THEN they called the police. You and I all know that we certainly wouldn’t call 911 unless we’d actually spend SOME amount of time seeking the child.
    Now, the thing that really gets me is the fact that people are constantly saying that Misty is involved because her story supposedly “changed”. It didnt change. This is what I believe happened. When she said initially, “I was sleeping right next to her”, she actually was referring to the fact that SHE WAS RIGHT NEXT TO HAYLEIGH. Just because they werent in the same bed didnt mean that they werent right next to each other. Of course she never really elaborated the fact that they were in different beds. But if you were 5 feet from your kid and someone asked, “where was she in relation to you”, you’d say, “right next to me”. Period. That, or she simply goofed. You see, I watched her many interviews, and God love her, she just isnt that bright. In fact, I would venture to say that she is dumber than a box of rocks. And its just because she is young, clearly of a less than upper class background, and she has obviously quit school.

    **I’m interjecting here in an attempt to bring my point across…Did anyone see the interview on Great Van Sustren, when Misty used the term “3-4 INCHES” while holding her arms out away from her..out to her sides giving the amount of “feet” she was away from Hayleigh. She MEANT feet, but obviously thought inches were feet. Ronald, who was sitting right next to her acted as though he was going to choke her-honestly, he looked as though he was humiliated over her stupidity. She is just ignorant, undereducated, but most CERTAINLY not a murderer. And, she is a TEENAGER. All of you out there who have teenagers KNOW how stoic all of them are at that age. In fact, my teenagers are so stoic sometimes it pisses me off!

    There just isn’t ANY POSSIBLE way that she is involved. If she is involved, doesn’t ANYONE wonder how amazingly brilliant she has to be in order to evade the NUMEROUS investigators and FBI agents who obviously interrogated the living HELL out of her, and the 4 polygraphs she has now taken.

    Now, I also think that BIOLOGICAL mother is extremely jealous and is looking to point the blame her way. Why you ask? Well, lets look at the facts. Not so bright and someone ELSE has her children………..and that SOMEONE is called “Mommy” by HER own children. Of course she is jealous.
    Initially, bio-mom stated “that back-door thing just don’t make no sense to me, (her words, not mine), “why would anyone leave that door open with a brick, that’s just don’t make no sense”. Ummm, DUH, doofus. They left it propped open because they KNEW they were going to have a child in their arms when they left, hence the reason that the door was in fact, found AJAR.

    My God, people. Lets get his point out there; NO POSSIBLE way that Misty was involved, Dad wasn’t involved, and someone should beat the living CRAP out of Geraldo-the-asshole- Rivera. I mean really, what is the point of dragging Ron’s past into the picture, NOW? Perhaps it may have a link to a poerson who took her, but that doesn’t have JACK to do with what convictions he had, nor if he spanked the kid.

    Yes he probably has a shady past, but then again, don’t we ALL have SOMETHING we’d be embarrassed of if the media got a hold of it?HE too passed the numerous polygraphs. The man is under the most intensive stress, pressure and emotional PAIN he will probably EVER experience in his life, and some ASSHOLE reporter is acting like that to him. Why Geraldo would do such a thing is beyond me. I think that he enjoys upsetting people and loves creating drama. That interview was the final “straw” for me…I will never watch anything of his, ever again. In fact, I have decided to just stop watching him on Fox altogether.

    So, again. Any moron knows that Misty isn’t involved (some reason Mike Brooks, from Nancy Grace is dumb enough to think that she is….he made a complete fool out of himself on the show the other night……and thank you Nancy, for getting a clue and realizing that Misty couldn’t possibly be that sophisticated that she could pass numerous polygraphs)).

  2. Hey Smarter,

    Thanks for your reply. In a former life – for a very brief period of time – I was a news reporter. I was never comfortable asking people tough questions during difficult times. What Geraldo did is far beyond bad taste. The father and his relatives are to be commended for not clobbering Geraldo, in my humble opinion.

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