Thursday Weisblog: Geocache and carry

geocache-1Got a GPS? Know how to read it? Then you can be a geocacher. Don’t worry … it’s perfectly legal!

I have never used a GPS device in my entire life, but today I found out about a new (to me) technological game using a GPS system that sounds fascinating.

It is a little bit like the metal detectors used to find treasure on the beach in the 1970s and 1980s, only much more modern, hip and contemporary. This new game, called geocaching, is also a treasure game, but participants attempt to find hidden containers of treasure (or “geocaches”) via means of GPS.

To do this, you first log on to the Web site and enter your zip code. You’ll find a ton of locally hidden geocache coordinate locations which you then go out and attempt to find. (At the time I wrote this, there were 69 available in Winter Park, FL where I live).

After locating them, you enter your experience in to the log book on the Web site, then put a new treasure in (if yougeocache-2 take the old one out) and hide it again for someone else to find. If you’re feeling especially generous, you can hide your own brand-new geocaches for others to discover by hiding them and then putting them on the Web site. Of course, you can’t bury them; you just have to cover them up with leaves or something like that.

The gentleman I talked to said he’s procured restaurant gift certificates and small amounts of money among the many geocaches he’s found. He and his wife are all excited about the geocaching excursion they have planned for this weekend, and I think I would be, too, if I had a GPS.

Having not been blessed with a good sense of direction, it wouldn’t hurt me to have my very own GPS device. Some day I will … and some day I may partake in a little geocaching myself.


2 responses to “Thursday Weisblog: Geocache and carry

  1. You don’t have to wait for the GPS unit. Many smartphones like the iPhone, Blackberry, and several Win Mobile devices have GPS software that you can download. Do some online searches. You may be surprised what you can find for those phones.

  2. Thanks for the tip and for stopping by to read the blog. Have a great day!

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