Monday Weisblog: Paying for a different kind of airline seat

airplane-toiletI first read about this on Friday, then over the weekend it became a pretty widely known story. Still, I feel the need to comment on it …

In order to keep flight costs down, discount airlines have already cut back on the amount of baggage we can bring onto an airplane. Some are even charging a nominal fee for blanket and pillow usage.

But Ryanair, a British-based airline, may have crossed the line between cheap and unreasonable. They have been floating the idea of charging for the use of airplane bathrooms … sort of a “pay-per-pee” or “pay-per-poop.”

This needs to be thought through a bit better, for a few reasons:

(1) What if I don’t have exact change? There could be disastrous consequences for everyone involved.

(2) What if the flight gets rough and/or a passenger has had a bit too much to drink. In cases such as this, the bathrooms need to be available.

(3) I usually don’t make much of a fuss over anything, but if I’m going to pay as much as $1.50 to use a lavatory it darn well better be clean – and that is rarely the case on an airplane.

In this blogger’s humble opinion, Ryanair would be far better served to charge everyone the extra $1.50 on their plane ticket and continue giving access to the lavatories to all the masses. The headaches created by this “cost-cutting” measure would end up causing them more distress than any savings they might incur.

Anyone disagree with me? Please let me know. Though my face may be flushed with concern, I refuse to be the butt of anyone’s jokes.


3 responses to “Monday Weisblog: Paying for a different kind of airline seat

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  2. Mike,
    Thank you for the positive feedback. Much appreciated!

  3. very funny blog and I agree with u on this one. JoAnne

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