Thursday Weisblog: Nip it, Andy … nip it in the bud!

barney-fifeIt appears that Deputy Barney Fife has struck again, this time nabbing a semi-famous subject rather than the town drunk Otis Campbell. Yep, that’s right … in something seemingly right out of  The Andy Griffith Show, a former NASCAR driver has been arrested for operating his own still – and making his own moonshine!

Carl Dean Combs, 57, is facing charges of manufacturing non-tax paid liquor, as well as one count each of possessing, possessing ingredients to manufacture and possessing equipment to manufacture non-tax paid liquor.

The Wilkes Journal Patriot newspaper reports that Combs that the still was found near the North Wilkesboro Speedway – and that the bomb squad had to be brought in when the still was blown up because of its large size!

NASCAR began in the good old days as a bunch of “good old boys” in fast card delivering moonshine while trying to evade the authorities. In fact, famous owner Junior Johnson currrently sells “Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon” (legally of course) – which is moonshine made from an old still that was shut down in 1930 during a raid.

Few things are more frightening when combined than souped-up cars and homemade booze. As such, we need Barney and Andy to keep up the good work, thus protecting the citizens of the great state of North Carolina.

Even Otis Campbell would have to appreciate that.


2 responses to “Thursday Weisblog: Nip it, Andy … nip it in the bud!

  1. linda benjamin

    Sorry about the previous comment – I meant it for the crazy lady from the Wed Blog.

    I guess Carl really wanted to be a Duke from Hazzard County!

  2. No worries … the other one has been deleted.

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