Friday Weisblog: Dancing With the Scars



I heard about the pro beach volleyball player (Misty May-Treanor) turning her knee into hamburger. I know about Marie Osmond fainting during a performance. I even found out about vile comedian Jeff Ross nearly losing an eye. And all this happened in just one season!

What’s up with Dancing With the Stars? The stars seem to be dropping like flies. Even before the new season’s actually started, they have already lost two celebrities, and a third is still in it but not nearly 100%.

∙ Singer Jewel is out of the competition. She has a fractured tibia in BOTH her legs.

∙ Nancy O’Dell, the Access Hollywood host, has a ripped-up meniscus in her knee that is going to require surgery.

Sex and the City actor Gilles Marini is battling tendinitis in his shoulder and groin.

Erik Estrada

Erik Estrada

Because they haven’t yet even made it past the training stage, this will bring about additional moves by ABC, who has issued a statement saying, “Additional changes to the cast will be announced during Monday’s premiere.”

Much like American Idol, this is a show I do not make a practice of watching. I’ll never completely understand the intrigue of it.

I guess people watch this in much the same way that I watch a football game … if one person goes down with an injury, another will come in to take his/her place, and the show goes on.

But if the injury bug continues to hit this hard, before you know it they’ll be scraping the bottom of the celebrity barrel to fill out their roster. Yo, Erik Estrada … start working out. You could be next!


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