Tuesday Weisblog: T.Oh-no!

Most people liken Terrell Owens to the stereotypical most beautiful girl at the prom. You want to get to know her – but then once you do you’re left disappointed.

toOwens, without question, has been one of the most productive wide receivers in the National Football League for a very long time and ranks in the Top 10 of many of the most important records for players at his position, yet he has played on three different teams and just signed on for an engagement with his fourth, the Buffalo Bills.

That should tell you just what a divisive influence he is in the locker room. He’s left San Francisco, Philadelphia and now Dallas on bad terms despite being a prolific player.

After Owens was recently cut loose by Dallas, most NFL teams actually went out of their way to immediately say they had no interest in Owens. One general manger said, “Why would I want him? I have enough problems already.”

He’s a great teammate when his teams are winning and he’s catching touchdown passes. Heck, he even played in the Super Bowl with a damaged leg while with Philly.

There’s always at least one team that thinks they’ll be able to make the problem player conform to the team structure, ignoring the arrogance and missteps because of the immense talent. More often than not, it doesn’t work. Owens in Buffalo is a more-than-curious landing spot for him. Why? Young, still-learning quarterback (Trent Edwards). No-nonsense head coach (Dick Jauron). A team who hasn’t made the playoffs this decade (sustained mediocrity).

T.O. and Buffalo: a recipe for combustibility if I ever saw one. Stay tuned – and bring your popcorn.


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