Thursday: Deer run turns into beer run

deerI promise this is the last blog of the week dealing with the subject of alcohol – but this was just too funny to pass up.

Yesterday, three deer wandered into a Greensburg, PA liquor store and caused all kinds of havoc.

” … I ducked into the lottery, and as I was in there I seen one of them crash into the door,” said clerk Anthony Shadler (that was his quote, I didn’t make that up).

Another deer apparently was not into imports, as he barged into the Corona display.

Eventually, the deer collected themselves enough to find their way to the exit without making a purchase.

The best part is that the liquor store’s surveillance cameras captured it all. Thanks to CNN for the link:

Perhaps next time they will “head for the mountains” instead?


One response to “Thursday: Deer run turns into beer run

  1. Gave me a good laugh when I read the last line of your blog today Thanks

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