Monday Weisblog: Putting my thoughts into brackets

ncaa-tourneyYou’ll have to forgive me if I’m just a little bit down in the dumps today.

It’s days like this where I wish I had a corporate office to go to.

Men and women all across the country are preparing for their office basketball pools, where coworkers, friends and coworkers’ friends fill out their “brackets” and predict the winners and losers of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. Everyone from CEOs and accountants with pocket protectors to secretaries and office cleaners participate. Heck, some people  who have not watched a single minute of regular-season action can’t resist it.

Let’s face it … most of us are only casual college basketball fans, but suddenly when “March Madness” comes around  the Marquette/Utah State game is a “must watch.”

Marquette/Utah State? Seriously? You bet … because that one counts just as much as North Carolina’s game, Duke’s game and every other more famous team’s game. (Perhaps I should have used a better phrase than “you bet?”)

This year, much like the previous two, I don’t have an office full of coworkers to banter with about whose favoritebracket team is going to win or lose in the first round – or win whole thing. I don’t get to come to work each morning eagerly anticipating the standings that change daily as the games are being played. And as the tournament comes to a close, I don’t get to reap the spoils if I win, or congratulate the champion if it’s not me.

But hey, if you need an update, gimme a call. I’ll be at home watching the games live!

Afterthought: Perhaps someday I’ll get to see my UCF Knights enter the fray. What began as a very promising 15-6 start this season ended with the team suffering injuries, as well as a key player being booted from the squad. Their youth and inexperience (nine freshmen) then caught up with them. As a result, they dropped eight out of their final 10 contests to finish 17-14. Still, the young guys will come back bigger, stronger and more mentally tough having been through such a season.


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