Thursday Weisblog: Confessions of a robotics mom

Today, I am trying something a bit different. I am hosting my first special-guest blogger. To give me a day off – and as a form of therapy for her, I give you the thoughts of my lovely bride, Christina Weis. Take it away, Christina!


I must take a moment to vent.  I realize that teachers (and public school coaches fall into this category) have a thankless job. Ordinarily, I do try to make sure my children’s teachers know that I appreciate the difficult job they do.  So I must say, with all due respect, “My kid’s robotics coach is driving me crazy.”


First of all, robotics is complicated.  Whenever my kid has an event it is an all-day event.  This means that we leave the house at ungodly hours and return late into the evening.  One event lasted until 12:30 am.  These events are complicated in the way they are scored and how the winner is determined.  If you were watching a basketball game or a football game, how one team is doing is determined by the score on the board.  Robotics is scored on things like:  how the team answers the judges’ questions, what kind of community service they did, how they got their funding, team spirit (and this could mean dressing up in silly costumes and chanting during your team’s “turn” on the field), and finally how well their robot functioned on the playing field.  Gracious professionalism is pimped throughout the entire event.  This means that we as geeks won’t kick anyone when they are down and we will share our tools in the pits. (Whatever …)


Two and a half weeks ago I drove from here in the Orlando area to Tampa for a robotics competition that also lasted all day. This past weekend it was a three-day event. That would be three days of watching my kids and hundreds of other poindexters chase each other around a field with robots trying to put silly little balls into trailers behind the other person’s robot.  It was one great big geek fest.  I endured and at times enjoyed watching the events of this past weekend.  It was exhausting.


The Monday following this three day geek fest I get an email from my son’s coach stating that he wants to have a meeting this Saturday and listed nine things he wants to discuss or do during this THREE  HOUR meeting in the middle of my Saturday.  After two of the past three weekends being spent sitting on bleachers watching my kid compete I was looking forward to a robot-free weekend.  Is this too much to ask?  I have to endure football season from midsummer to early winter; do I really have to endure 50% of my weekends watching this Star Trek convention-like events?


I am very proud of and love my kid very much.  Of course I am going to support all of this nonsense but can I have one freaking weekend between the three day geek fest and the next mind-numbing meeting where the team mom gets up and talks like she is the only one doing anything?


BTW- Join us at Chick-fil-A on University Blvd. at Forsyth Road in Winter Park, FL Thursday, April 2 from 5-8 pm to have a look for yourself at the robots that I speak of and help us start earning money towards next years robots.  Thanks (in my happiest Stepford wife voice).








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