Friday Weisblog: These things, too, shall pass

Kelley Davis of Apex, North Carolina, was probably feeling pretty good about herself last weekend. A physical therapist, she’d worked overtime and had some extra cash she was planning to deposit in the bank.

Augie, the cash-eating dog

Augie, the cash-eating dog

Until she misplaced it. She looked all over for it, remembering she’d last seen the $400 in her bedroom.

At one point, she abandoned her search and decided to take her dog, Augie – a two-year-old greater Swiss mountain dog – for a walk.

When the time came for him to do his business, Augie squatted. Out came poo, as you might expect. But something else emerged, too … parts of the missing money, the remnants of three $100 bills and five $20s!

At least Kelley kept her sense of humor. “I grabbed the garden hose and shouted, ‘kids, get the colander,’ I’m panning for gold.”

At last word, Kelley and family were still closely monitoring Augie the doggie’s droppings for more pieces of the money, in hopes that they can find enough of the bills to exchange them for new cash. (How’d you like to be the bank that has to take those bills? In case you’re wondering, it takes more than 50 percent of a bill to be identifiable in order for a bill to be replaced; that’s according to US Federal rules.)

Hopefully for Kelley and family, the story had a happy ending – and by the way, vets say that Augie will have no future issues as a result of having eaten the cash.

A special thanks to my wife, Christina, for being the special guest blogger yesterday. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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