Monday Weisblog: Smarties … the “gateway” candy of the 21st century?

Everyone who’s my age or close to it remembers the candy cigarettes stores used to sell. Kids would emulate their parents, friends, TV heroes or anyone else who smoked, pretending to inhale and exhale just like the real thing.

Smarties: Up in smoke?

Smarties: Up in smoke?

Nowadays, they’re pretty hard to find. But leave it to “resourceful” kids to come up with a substitute.If you’ve not heard this one yet, I encourage you to find a chair and have a seat, because you won’t believe this one.

Kids are smoking Smarties. Yes, Smarties … the small, circular, chalk-like  candy in a cellophane wrap.  They take the Smarties and crush them into a very fine powder, suck them into their mouths from the wrapper, then blow them out. The ensuing dust storm looks much like cigarette smoke. Some of the more “sophisticated” Smarties inhalers even allow the dust to come out through their noses. A few more brave youngsters have even tried flat-out snorting them.

You might first dismiss this as a bizarre childish prank – but here’s another way smoking cigarettes and smoking Smarties are similar: smoking Smarties can actually have negative medical consequences, according to doctors. One nine-year-old went to the doctor after complaining of his nose “burning.” The doctor believed it was because part of a Smarties candy had lodged inside the kid’s nasal cavity, and the pain eventually went away when it finally dissolved.

It gets worse … and if you have a weak stomach you might refrain from reading on.

Still here? Don’t say I did not warn you. Some doctors say that consistent usage of Smarties in this form could result in infections or worse … such as maggots feeding on the sugary dust inside the user’s nose. Maggots in somebody’s nose? Yikes!

If you’d like to see this in action, do a Google search on “smoking Smarties.” There are several from which to choose. Sad, but true.

I don’t even know what to say about this, other than to consider this a public service announcement from your favorite blogger. This is so out in left field that I’m just thinking, Smarties? Really?

Give me your opinion. High school hijinks or a serious problem that could lead to illness or real cigarettes and/or drugs? This should be an interesting forum for discussion.


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