What is your Wonderlic score? Wonder no more!

Mark Sanchez, USC Quarterback

Mark Sanchez, USC Quarterback

For many years, top college football players eligible for the National Football League draft have been given the Wonderlic test. It’s a test that measures a player’s problem-solving skills and level of intelligence. It consists of 50 questions, and the players are given 12 minutes to complete the test.

Here are the scores of some of this year’s top players. Bear in mind that a score of 11 is “borderline literate.”

Quarterback: Matthew Stafford (Georgia) 38; Mark Sanchez (USC) 28; Josh Freeman (Kansas St.) 27. (For comparison’s sake, last year’s two standout rookie starters Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco scored 32 and 27, respectively).

Wide Receiver: Jeremy Maclin (Missouri) 25, Michael Crabtree (Texas Tech) 15, Darrius Heyward-Bey (Maryland) 14; Percy Harvin (Florida) 12; Hakeem Nicks (North Carolina) 11.

Offensive Line: Eben Britton (Arizona) 31; Eugene Monroe (Virginia) 24, Jason Smith (Baylor) 23; Michael Oher (Mississippi) 19, Andre Smith (Alabama) 17.

Defensive Players: Kevin Barnes (Maryland) 41; Clay Matthews (USC) 27; Brian Cushing (USC) 23, Rey Maualuga (USC) 15; Louis Delmas (Western Michigan) 12.

Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina Receiver

Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina Receiver

By position, offensive tackles had the highest average scores (26), followed by centers and quarterbacks (25 each), guards (23), tight ends (22), safeties and linebackers (19 each), cornerbacks (18), receivers and fullbacks (17 each), and tailbacks (16).

The average score for all players was 19, and Pat McInally of Harvard was the only one who got a perfect score of 50 – and only one out of every 100,000 people who take the test get a perfect score, so that’s quite an accomplishment.

For a sample test you can take, please see the following address. Thanks to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for the link.



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