Friday Weisblog: An episode of COPS all too real for this NFL player

Ryan Moats is a backup running back for the NFL’s Houston Texas. Never confused as a star, he’s still carved out a decent enough career with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Texans.

Ryan Moats

Ryan Moats

Moats and his wife, Tamishia, were racing to the hospital with their hazard lights on in a frantic attempt to see Tamishia’s dying mother, Johnetta Collinsworth, before she drew her final breath. As they pulled into the hospital parking lot, they were stopped by Dallas Police Officer Robert Powell for running a red light just prior to reaching the hospital.

See what happens next:    (This is “part one;” the second one can be found right after it … but most of the exciting stuff is here on the first part).

Hospital staff members twice came down to try and impress upon Powell how vital it was that he come right away, because of the extreme distress his mother-in-law was in.

Eventually, it was too late. “I went up after she passed and held her hand, but she was already gone,” Moats told a Texas radio station.

Because of Officer Powell’s questionable behavior, the ticket has been dropped and the police department has apologized. So did he learn something from this?

“My understanding is that Officer Powell — even after he saw the videotape — believed he had not acted inappropriately,” Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle said.

Assistant Chief Floyd Simpson echoed Kunkle’s thoughts. “His belief was simply that he was doing his job,” Chief Simpson said. “It did concern me that it just seemed that the compassion was not there.”

Moats says he’s appreciative of Kunkle’s kind words, but he also feels sadness that he missed a moment in time that he’ll never be able to get back.

Sounds like somebody’s been watching to many “tough cop” movies on television to me.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.


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