Monday Weisblog: So this bobcat walks into a bar, and …

Ain't he cute? Uh ... not exactly.

Ain't he cute? Uh ... not exactly.

Imagine being a patron last Monday at the Chapparal Bar in Cottonwood, Arizona … hanging out with friends, maybe throwing back a couple cold ones. You know, “the usual.”

Then “the unusual” happens. That’s when a rabid bobcat enters the establishment and goes on a wild rampage, biting three patrons before exiting. Police later found the animal in the Chapparal’s parking lot, where they shot it.

Of course, the bobcat is not the only one now requiring shots … rabies shots, to be specific.

The attack in the Chapparal was the bobcat’s third known disturbance. First, he scratched a woman who got out of her car to check on it, thinking she’d struck it with her car. Then, there was a report of a bobcat acting aggressively in a local Pizza Hut parking lot.

Bartender Scott Hughes says he told a few patrons goodnight at about 10:30 p.m. “Next thing I know, they are running back in, followed by the bobcat. One (patron) jumped on to the pool table, and two jumped onto the bar.”

During the mayhem, the bobcat began charging for two ladies. That’s when Derek Oliver sprung into action. “I pushed them out of the way. That’s when the bobcat got me. It wrapped itself around my leg.”

Guess chivalry isn’t dead, after all! Nice job, Derek.

I think Sergeant Gary Eisenga of the Cottonwood Police Department sums it up perfectly: “We’ve had calls to that bar before, but never for a bobcat.”

Video of the incident can be seen at:


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