Monday Weisblog: “Hey mom, can you tape me up?”

duct-tape-promAs the parents of a high school senior, my wife and I have been trying to do everything we can do to ensure that she has a memorable experience  (memorable in a good way, of course).

This weekend we got the ball rolling when Chawney’s dress was purchased. Until today, I did not know just how much I appreciate this purchase – one that until now I’d taken for granted.

Today, I am exceedingly glad she did not decide to make her own dress, as many teens are doing.

Making them how? Out of what?

For the second consecutive year, the Henkel Corporation, parent company to Duck brand duct tape, is holding a “Stuck at the Prom” contest. Prom-goers construct their dresses and tuxes/suits out of multi-colored rolls of duct tape, with the best ones receiving scholarships.

I had no idea this was going on until stumbling upon a CNN story profiling an entrant in this competition. If you’d like to see some of the kids’ handiwork, you can go to this Website:

While this to me is completely outlandish, it can’t be any more garish than my powder blue tux I wore during my senior year. LOL

Thank you, Chawney, for retaining the good sense to avoid doing something this ridiculous.


One response to “Monday Weisblog: “Hey mom, can you tape me up?”

  1. Absolutely astounding! Impressive that creativity and a little focus could land them a scholarship! I’ve seen some rather impressive pix on google images. I love duct tape and its many uses. It held my bumper on for a year and a half before I could get a new car once 🙂

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