Tuesday Weisblog: Reporters get more than they bargained for

hillaryIt probably started out like any other day for White House journalists wanting to interview Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the “G20 Summit” conference call.

They were given the phone number to call in, and much to their surprise they heard the following message: “Well, do you feel like getting nasty? Then you came to the right place – brought to you by the girls of Swank magazine.”

Yep, you guessed it … the White House inadvertently gave out a sex line number rather than the correct one.

This reminds me of what the PR department of my school, the University of Central Florida (UCF) did last season. After a season-opening win, the Knights issued a phone number for Coach George O’Leary’s weekly conference call. Journalists who called this particular number were treated with this message: “Hi sexy. You’ve reached the one-on-one fantasy line.” (Gives all new meaning to the term “Fantasy Football,” doesn’t it!)

What’s the moral of this story? Truth be told, there isn’t one. It’s just downright funny. The only real lesson to be learned is that one missing or incorrect letter/number and it can change the entire meaning of what you’re trying to do!


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