Thursday Weisblog: This blog’s a real gas

Bet Mr. Ramirez wishes he had one of these handy ...

Bet Mr. Ramirez wishes he had one of these handy ...

After reading this story, one may wonder whether the city of Waco, Texas should be changed to “Wacko.”

Apparently, five men were sharing one Waco hotel room recently. Two of them were present in the room when one of them, well, uh … one of them … “cut the cheese,” so to speak.


This apparently did not sit well with the other man in the room, 33-year-old Jose Braule Ramirez (who was eating at the time). He apparently tired of his friend’s excessive flatulence and, as a result, picked up a knife and hurled it at his 35-year-old friend (Juan Antonio Salano Castellano), striking him in the leg.

But Ramirez wasn’t done. He then stabbed Castellano in the chest. For his efforts, Ramirez has been arrested on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (perhaps Ramirez could argue he was assaulted first … lol). He is being held on $15,000 bond, but he cannot be released until authorities can say for certain that he is not in the country illegally.

Castellano, meanwhile, is going to be just fine. He was taken to the hospital for the non life-threatening knife wounds.

I betcha Mr. Castellano might think twice before he raises a stink in his hotel room again.


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