Friday Weisblog: Just one of the guys? I think not!

Could one of these have been the venue of choice for Coach Todd and the boys?

Could one of these have been the venue of choice for Coach Todd and the boys?

What do you do when you’re a high school baseball coach … when you are still a fairly young guy yourself … when you decide it’s better to be “one of the guys” than it is to be their leader and role model?

Easy. You take the guys to an adult entertainment establishment.

Then somebody rats you out, so you resign before you get fired.

That’s exactly what allegedly happened with Lincoln High School’s (Portland, OR) baseball team during a school-sanctioned journey to San Francisco over spring break.

Coach Michael Todd and two of his assistants accompanied three of his players (apparently all 18) to an 18-and-up strip club. Once some of the players spilled the beans to school officials, they confronted Todd, who promptly resigned. The two assistants, whose names have been withheld, have been dismissed from their positions.

While this might not be against the law (because the kids in question were 18), the welfare of the kids is entrusted to the coach in this situation, and he made a grievous error in judgment.

This comes on the heels of another Lincoln High coach, David Adelman, getting his second DUI since 2005. (Adelman is the son of the NBA’s Houston Rockets Head Coach Rick Adelman.) Instead of getting fired, Adelman led his team to the state finals. Go figure.

Worse yet, it doesn’t sound like Adelman has learned his lesson. According to the local paper, he told a peer that he’d like to have a beer and put this all behind him.

Lincoln officials need to start making examples of these people. By doing nothing, they’re essentially saying that this behavior is tolerated. (Remember, Todd resigned … he was not fired!)

Come on, Portland school district … set an example!


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