Tuesday Weisblog: Be careful with those spurs!

horseThose enjoying the benefits of Tim Clements’ dude ranch in Brooksville, FL can put on their cowboy hats, plaid shirts, jeans and boots.

Or not.

Clements and and co-owner David Jennings are operating the CJ Dude Ranch, a clothing optional ranch. Yep, you read it right … clothing optional.

Clements and Jennings have a problem on their hands, though … two of them, in fact – local zoning and a nudity ban in Hernando County, home of said ranch. The bare pair say they will file the necessary paperwork and see what happens, but if they don’t get approval they may close the ranch to everyone but their friends.

Of course, the only rule they have is a seemingly obvious one (at least I hope so): Everyone must be clothed in pants and boots to ride a horse. “You don’t want blisters on your (behind), do you?” Clements quipped.

A retired hairdresser by trade, Clements hit a $3.3 million Florida Lottery jackpot in 2004 and decided he was determined to purchase the property he grew up on. He claims he hopes to make “just enough money to feed the horses.”

Um, giddyup? On second thought, never mind.


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