Wednesday Weisblog: Roll tape!

duct-tapeWhen 23-year-old Nicklas Frasure was found guilty of felony theft, Judge Peter D. McDermott retained jurisdiction for sentencing, with the outcome being dependent upon Frasure’s response and commitment to treatment.

No shocker here … Frasure was back in Pocatello, Idaho court this week for failing to take his medication, though he was released from a state hospital late last year. Witnesses on the stand told Judge McDermott that Frasure had been acting erratically since his release.

Predictably, he began disrupting things in court, too. His numerous outbursts and inability to contain himself left Judge McDermott angry. Finally, he had enough and told the bailiffs to silence him.

Using a rather unorthodox technique, the bailiffs found some duct tape, ripped off a piece and placed it firmly over Frasure’s mouth.

Frasure’s attorney Kent Reynolds says he wants his client to have a mental evaluation. “He’s obviously not mentally competent,” Reynolds declared.

McDermott said he will review testimony and reach a decision soon on all this. For now, he’s placed Frasure in the Idaho Department of Correction’s lap. Lucky for them!

Meanwhile, as Frasure was being led out of the courtroom, Judge McDermott asked the bailiffs to remove the tape to see if Frasure had calmed down at all. Frasure’s response?

“You want to arm wrestle?”


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