Friday Weisblog: Giving new meaning to the term “Miracle Bra”

A 57-year-old Detroit woman, whose name is currently being withheld, witnessed thieves breaking into her neighbor’s home by watching them through her window.

As this was going on, one of the burglars noticed the woman staring at them. He aimed and fired his gun at her, and the bullet smashed her window pane.

Amazingly, the bullet deflected off the wiring of her bra and she escaped with only minor injuries. The would-be robbers drove away after the bullet was fired.

“We need to get some bullet-proof vests made from that. That is some strong wire,” quipped Detroit Police Sergeant Eren Stephens Bell.

I, for one, am not an expert on bras, but I can’t see how it could deflect a bullet. But I’m happy it did, though probably not as happy as the garment’s owner.

Are they making women’s undergarments out of Kevlar these days?


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