Monday Weisblog: Say it ain’t so, Mrs. Laster

laster4The March 25 Weisblog was about Delores Laster, a Central Florida teacher who was recently arrested for killing her husband some 20 years ago (and she taught at the very first school I ever went to – at the time I was there).

If you recall, police re-interviewed several people they originally talked to, and it appears they’ve uncovered some potentially incriminating evidence, if it’s true.

They say Mrs. Laster discovered her husband, Clarence, was cheating on her, so she decided to get even. (This apparently was a regular occurrence, because records show Clarence had fathered “at least nine” children with three other women – something she did not find out until AFTER she married him).

She allegedly took a towel, wrapped around a gun and shot Clarence in the back of the head.

Once the deed was done, she (again, allegedly) set out to make it look even more like an accident. She then got two of her stepchildren to move the body from her bedroom to the garage. There was stepdaughter Kristy Dandridge and the stepson, Clyde, who was 10 at the time. They saw their father, drunk and nearly lifeless, lying on the floor of the bedroom.

Delores told the kids their father had fallen. “We tried to get him in … in the garage or whatever,” Clyde told police.

Delores ordered her kids to grab his legs while she lifted the top of his body. Clarence, still barely alive, kept telling the children to “leave me alone.”

Clarence then became physically ill and spent his final breaths on the garage floor. Delores and the kids changed clothes and soon were on their way to Gainesville to spend time with family. According to the more than 900 pages of police records, the clothes were discarded in an Ocala dumpster on the way to Gainesville.

When they returned, Delores went to a friend’s house and called police, telling them she found her husband dead. This is the story she’s been sticking with all these years – and still does.

Routinely for shock value, TV and radio stations use words like “grisly” and “chilling” to describe events that happen. But if true, this definitely qualifies as such. Imagine what those two kids had to live with all those years.

I understand that she was angry. From the sound of things, she had every right to be upset. It’s the wrong thing to do to try and be judge and jury yourself … that’s bad enough. But how can anyone in their right mind involve their kids? It’s unconscionable.

Once this goes to court, the truth will come out.

Note: I am having problems placing photos recently. I will look into this, and hopefully have this feature repaired soon.


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