Monday Weisblog: Don’t go away mad …

brett-favre-jetsFor at least the last three of four years during the NFL’s off-season (and it seems like even more than that), we have heard that quarterback Brett Favre is contemplating retirement.

Instead of telling his team in enough time for them to prepare one way or another, Mr. Prima Donna Favre has waited until the very last second to inform everyone of his decision. This forces those of us who enjoy listening to sports talk radio to be subjected to weeks of, “Is Brett Favre going to come back?” banter ad nauseum by the local and national talking heads.

In 2008, he took his sweet time once again, finally telling the Packers he was “mentally tired” and was going to retire. Finally!

But then, suddenly, he changed his mind and told the Packers he wanted to come back. There’s just one problem … the Packers had already moved forward with Aaron Rodgers, who had been drafted to take Favre’s place once he did, in fact, retire.

Favre was then dispatched to the New York Jets, where he and the Jets started out like a house afire, then played very pedestrian football down the stretch and failed to make the playoffs. He threw for 3,472 yards with 22 touchdowns and 22 interceptions. Meanwhile, his “replacement,” Rodgers, threw for 4,038 with 28 touchdowns versus 13 interceptions. Seems that the Packers made the correct decision.

At the end of the year, a disillusioned Favre finally retired for good. Or did he?

The Jets released Favre last week very quietly, making him eligible to sign with any team because, interestingly, he has not sent the league his retirement papers.

Now I am hearing reports that he is still upset with the Packers for not welcoming him back and would love to play for their arch-rival, the Minnesota Vikings, who just happen to need a front-line quarterback.

Could it be that he will un-retire again? I certainly hope not.

Please do us all a favor, Brett, and go get a broadcasting job somewhere. Work on your farm in Mississippi. Do anything else. Just go away. The world is tired of listening to “Is Brett Favre coming back?” over and over again. It’s an old and tired story, especially when you are just a shell of your former self.


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