Tuesday Weisblog: What defines a Facebook friend?

One of my first-ever Weisblogs focused on the topic of Facebook, the social networking Website. Some use it facebookfor socializing, some for networking, and others as a very real, viable way of getting business.

For me, it’s the first two, though I think that if given the proverbial truth serum, socializing would win out in order of importance.

At any rate, here is the real subject of today’s blog: A friend of mine (who shall remain nameless for the purposes of this blog) and I were having a spirited discussion about Facebook friends. This friend said that he only wants his real friends to be his Facebook friends.

I tend to disagree. I countered that, to me, there is a huge difference between a Facebook friend and a real friend. I enjoy accumulating friends on Facebook; in fact, I have several whom I have never even met in person and a few others from the world of professional sports who I enjoy having on my friend list “just because.” It’s not hero worship – I outgrew that phase years ago. I just think it’s hilarious to have famous people as your Facebook friends … to know that I can send a message to NBA, NFL or NHL players, sportswriters and other celebs whenever I see fit. (So far I haven’t seen fit, but who knows?)

There are other Facebook friends I have who are more like “acquaintances” than friends, too, and those are the ones really at the root of the discussion with my friend. He says, “If they’re not really your friends, they should not be your Facebook friends.”

Once more, I contend that a Facebook friend and a real-life friend may or may not be the same thing, and therein lies the reason why I have such an eclectic group of friends – and why my buddy’s list may soon begin to dwindle (his choice).

But hey – to each his own. We can agree to disagree and still remain friends – Facebook friends, too!


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