Friday Weisblog: Not the “Norm” at this box store

nutriaIf this is true, this woman is about to have a nice chunk of change in her wallet, courtesy of the largest “box store” in the land.

Rebecca White is suing Wal-Mart. She claims that the staff members of a New Orleans-area store let a nutria loose in their building. If you don’t know what a nutria is, I’ll give you a hint: It is not a vitamin.

A nutria is a rodent. A very large rodent. Nutrias have orange teeth and can weigh as much as 18 pounds! Can you imagine seeing one of these things in a department store?

Ms. White claims that not only did they set the critter loose, they even went as far as giving him the name “Norman.” She wants to be compensated for pain, suffering, mental anguish, fear, disabling injuries, and medical expenses. She allegedly hurt her foot and back when backing up in her frantic attempts to get as far away from “Norman” as fast as possible.

Her attorney already has the calculator (or abacus) out. He says she has $2,000 in bills already – and that doesn’t even include the surgery invoices.

For their part, Wal-Mart reps are referring all references about this case to their Bentonville, AK corporate office.


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