Monday Weisblog: A heartfelt tribute to mothers, especially mine

2481909313_8eb830406d_mThis weekend, I made sure to visit my mother, and my family and I gave her a nice gift and a card. Yet this was only a small token compared to the goodness all of us have received from her.

In my earliest recollection of my childhood, my mom was a taxi service, shuttling me from my basketball leagues to my baseball league to my bowling league … all the while cheering me on with not the first complaint that she’d rather be doing something else.

Her self-sacrificing attitude continued when I decided to go out of state to a private high school (and living in a dorm). At the time I loved it, because it gave me my first taste of independence. Each year I couldn’t wait to go back. But at the time, I never thought about the affect it had on my parents. It must have been awful for them to see their youngest child go off to school, missing not only the important times in my high school life but also the everyday stuff that I am sure they wished they could’ve been part of.

I guess it was about the time I went to college that I finally woke up and smelled the coffee. I suddenly realized that I had the coolest parents ever – that includes my dad, of course, but for the purposes of this article I’ll save my tribute for him for Father’s Day.

My mom was always eager to entertain my friends on a moment’s notice – and since most of them were school friends from out of state, we’re not talking about one dinner … we’re talking about three squares a day for a whole week!

In my adult life, not much has changed. She’s always been there to take my own children to the doctor or invite us to dinner after a particularly hard day at work.

But that’s just the way she is. She just “rolls” with everything. Even when she’s having a bad day herself, she never lets it show because she puts the needs of others first. Every time. Without fail.

So this blog is for you, JoAnne Weis. For being the mom everyone wishes they had.

It is my hope that everyone experiences the love and devotion of a mother like mine. If you did, I hope you took the time to tell her how much you appreciate everything she’s done for you on her special day.


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