Thursday Weisblog: The horrible Mr. Dorvil

One has to wonder about the discipline methods of Mr. Jean E. Dorvil (pictured below, thanks to Miami-Dade corrections), a preschool teacher at Miami’s Charles R. Drew Elementary.

DorvilWhen a five-year-old student came home with a bleeding lip, Cynthia Blue, the child’s mother, asked her daughter how she got the split lip.

She replied that Mr. Dorvil kicked her while she was resting on her cot because she used the bathroom during a time when she was not supposed to. ”It stunned me,” Cynthia Blue said. ”Her lip was cut on the outside, and it was bleeding.”

When the police were informed, an investigation ensued and it was discovered that two other five-year-olds had complained of being the recipients of Dorvil’s kicks. When interviewed by detectives, the 56-year-old Dorvil admitted doing it and was subsequently arrested for aggravated child abuse.

They need to lock good ol’ Mr. Dorvil up and make him think long and hard about his actions. Kicking preschoolers … KICKING PRESCHOOLERS. He’d better get an amazingly good attorney, because, well, let’s just say that inmates don’t take too kindly to child abusers.


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