Tuesday Weisblog: Mum’s the word

Elizabeth Adeney is 66 and eight months pregnant.

Elizabeth Adeney is 66 and eight months pregnant.

Elizabeth Adeney of Lidgate, Suffolk, England is giddy with the prospect of being a first-time mom. By day, she runs her own textile company. By night, she prepares for motherhood.

“Big deal,” one might say.

You might, too … until you hear this detail: She’s 66 years old.

How does this happen? Scratch that question; I know how it happens. Actually, it didn’t happen the conventional way at all. It happen through in-vitro fertilization. Seems that Adeney had been trying unsuccessfully for years to have a child, so she decided to go to the Ukraine where there’s no age limit on IVF and have the procedure done.

“This has been a very personal decision and I do not feel I have to give interviews or talk to anyone in the media about what I have decided to do and where I have done it,” said Adeney.

Well, Liz, here’s the thing: When you are 80, your kid’s gonna be 14. That in itself is newsworthy, so you’re just going to have to live with a little bit of public scrutiny.

There are a wide range of thoughts on this. Some say it’s a miracle. Others say it’s horribly selfish because it was dangerous for the child and even if things go perfectly, the child is still going to have an elderly mother. Still others say if you were meant to have a child, you would have had one the “old-fashioned way.”

No matter what you believe, you certainly have to wonder what’s going through Ms. Adeney’s head at the present time.


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