Thursday Weisblog: Not good horse sense

William C. Wilson spent Tuesday night in a Batesville, Arkansas motel room (not the Bates Motel).

Mr. Wilson must have REALLY felt that he needed to go to sleep.

When police found him in his room two nights ago, they also found three syringes and a bottle of horse tranquilizers. Sheriff’s Deputy Anthony Carter said Mr. Wilson informed him he’d used the drugs at least FIVE TIMES during that day to try to make him go to sleep.

A local veterinarian by the name of Mark Williams said that these are powerful drugs, and that Wilson is lucky to be alive.

I hope when he’s released from the hospital (if he hasn’t been yet), they place him in a psychiatric ward. Assuming he wasn’t trying to harm himself – which is not necessarily a safe assumption – he still is showing some exceptionally poor judgment, and they need to find out the root cause of insomnia so bad that he is taking horse tranquilizers.

I’ll resist the urge to make jokes about him being “saddled” with insomnia and just say that I wish Mr. Wilson all the best.


2 responses to “Thursday Weisblog: Not good horse sense

  1. William Wilson

    Yeah, that was me. There is a LOT more to the story…I was withdrawing from opiates and desperate (a feeling you obviously haven’t had the hell of enduring). I walked 15 miles in the middle of the night, down a country road, after leaving a drug rehab center. I was dehydrated and absolutely desperate and blessed to have made it to Batesville and check into a hotel…the “special K” (Ketamine) event was just one in a life of a little heaven and a LOT of hell. I’m sure i could write a VERY intense, gut-wrenching, intriguing, impossible to stop reading, top selling autobiography…
    And, btw, I guess thanks for withholding MORE jokes about that minuscule, widely publisized event in my life.

  2. Mr. Wilson,

    I am genuinely happy that you replied. I am even happier that you appear to have recovered from that evening. I sincerely wish you all the best.

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