Friday Weisblog: It should be hide-a-key time for one irresponsible teen

Parents, you wanna know why your teenagers’ auto insurance rates are through the roof, even if you have teens that are good drivers?

It’s because studies show that some teens’ brains aren’t fully developed until they reach adulthood. Not all of them, mind you … just some of them. I happen to have two in my house whose brains appear to be just fine; however, some parents as not quite as fortunate.

Such is apparently the case with the parents of 17-year-old Katelyn Blaylock of Lutz, FL. It seems that young Ms. Blaylock got in an accident recently. That in itself is no big deal as long as no one is injured – after all, it is called an accident.

But where she did not exercise common sense is the fact that she rear-ended the police car being driven by Tampa Police officer Tanya Manning.

Oh yeah, and she was allegedly TEXT MESSAGING at the time! And wait … that’s not all! They, along with rear-seat passenger Ashton Longworth, 17, were all skipping school.

“I really didn’t even, like, realize it was a police car until I got out of the car. I was freaking out. I called my mom and I’m like, I just got in an accident,” Katelyn told ABC Action News.

Ms. Blaylock and her passenger, Alexis Suda, 18, suffered minor injuries when the airbags deployed. Damage to both vehicles came to about $3,000.

Officer Manning gave young Ms. Blaylock a ticket for careless driving and had the kids transported by police car to their school. (Bet I can guess what the text message was then … I’m, like, in a police car and I’m like, so stressed out. This is sooooo not cool.)

It is my sincere hope that Ms. Blaylock’s mother takes away her phone, her keys and her driving privileges for awhile.


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