Friday Weisblog: Determination pays off for Kevin Laue

Kevin Laue

Kevin Laue

Kevin Laue is six feet, 10 inches tall. He played last season at Fork Union Military Academy in Virginia. He recently found out he got a Division I basketball scholarship to Manhattan College.

Big deal, you say. Ordinarily I’d agree with you, but there’s something unique about this very tall young man (other than the fact that he is 6′ 10″).

He’s missing his left hand. When he was born, the umbilical cord cut off much of the circulation in his hand.

Laue’s situation did not deter Manhattan Coach Barry Rohrssen from recruiting him. “We take chances on kids who have poor academic histories, who have disciplinary problems both on the court and off the court,” Rohrssen said Tuesday. “We give opportunities to players who don’t appreciate them, who take them for granted. For all the right reasons, Kevin deserves this chance, and he should make the most of this opportunity.”

In case you’re wondering – and you probably are – he uses his upper arm to help him catch passes, and after that he can easily palm the ball with his other hand which, as you can imagine by his size, is quite large.

“He can run as well as anybody,” Arritt said. “He can jump as well as anybody. You don’t need two hands to block shots around the basket.”

As for Laue, he’s certain he’ll get the job done for the Jaspers. “I’m a risk. Coach Rohrssen was willing to take it,” Laue said. “He has no reason to worry.”

Here’s hoping everything works out well for Laue. If so, it’d be one great feel-good story!


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