Tuesday Weisblog: Fifth time’s a charm? If Christie Brinkley’s telling the truth, we’ll never know

A visibly upset Christie Brinkley during her 2008 divorce proceedings.

A visibly upset Christie Brinkley during her 2008 divorce proceedings.

If you’ve paid attention to the news in the last couple decades, you’re familiar with Christie Brinkley. Now in her mid-50s, Brinkley was one of the very first “supermodels.” She also graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Nowadays, she can be seen helping Chuck Norris sell his workout machine called the Total Gym on a popular infomercial.

Behind the scenes, however, Ms. Brinkley’s life has been a bit tumultuous to say the least. Once married to singer Billy Joel, he actually was inspired to write his famous song “Uptown Girl” and cast her in the lead role in the video.

Sadly, however, the couple split. This was already her second marriage. She subsequently married and divorced again, before marrying her fourth husband, Peter Cook.

Guess what happened next? Brinkley and Cook divorced in a bitter, public forum last year. During the court proceedings, it was disclosed that Cook had an affair with an 18-year-old and also had a very expensive porn habit.

That’s what made her comments to the USA Today so appropriate. In today’s issue, she is quoted as saying, “I won’t get married anymore. I feel like I should apologize to everybody for them having to read all that tawdry stuff, and having it delivered to their kitchen tables when their kids are around, you know?”

After four tries and not getting it right, it seems that Ms. Brinkley has finally made the proper decision. I know Billy Joel had his issues and apparently Cook did, too … but she was the one common denominator in each failed relationship. So, either she has issues of her own or her choice in men REALLY stinks … or both “A” and “B.”

It’s not for me to judge. I wasn’t there – and even if I was, I highly doubt she’d ask me for my opinion. But this is just another example of how Hollywood marriages just don’t stand the test of time. Instead of saying, “I do,” today’s stars may as well say, “I might, but then again I might not.”


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