Wednesday Weisblog: There’s room on the Orlando Magic bandwagon

Orlando Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy

Orlando Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy

The vast majority of America might not like it, but the Orlando Magic are in the NBA Finals.

I know Nike doesn’t like it. They were so sure the finals would come down to the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers they made commercials with puppets featuring the likenesses of Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant and Cavaliers MVP LeBron James.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the Finals. The Magic, a complete TEAM of skilled players led by All-Star center Dwight Howard and mercurial coach Stan Van Gundy, took apart the one-dimensional Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Finals.

James left the court in a huff, and the national media is killing him. As for me, I feel bad for him. He did everything he could. He was magnificent in defeat, but his teammates were perhaps the most pedestrian aggregate of “talent” that has ever reached the conference finals in an NBA series.

Leave James alone and let him get ready for next season. Stop passing judgment on him for one mistake. His body of work (community service, staying out of trouble, etc.) should win the day here.

Meanwhile, there’s a great story brewing in Orlando, but the national media has been ignoring it all along.
But now they cannot deny it.

No matter how the Magic (my former employer) does versus the Lakers in the finals, I am supremely proud of their accomplishments this year, especially after losing All-Star point guard Jameer Nelson in mid-season.

So it’s time for America to find out about the Magic. Climb aboard the bandwagon … there is still lots of room.


4 responses to “Wednesday Weisblog: There’s room on the Orlando Magic bandwagon

  1. linda benjamin

    Been waiting along time for this. I overall do not like the NBA. As a child I was a big fan but I feel like it is just not the same as it used to be. As our local team got into the finals, I was drawn to watch. I loved how they played as a team. No “one man shows”. I am thrilled for them and I hope they Stuff It to Kobe Bryant as they did Lebron James. The commentators were already saying that Lakers will win – the Magic will just have to show them all — again!

  2. I can’t wait til tonight!! Go Lakers

  3. I think the Lakers have to be considered the favorites, certainly, but ESPN and everyone else acts like there’s only going to be one team out there on the court. I hope the Lakers take them lightly, too.

  4. Cynthia – Even though you’re rooting for the wrong team (LOL), thanks for stopping by and reading my blog.

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